is a 40 acre basin at the confluence of two streams and the beginning of Malibu Creek (which is accessible in nearby Malibu Creek State Park). This private, recreational lake has been a migratory bird stop for 90 years! Our wild, natural surroundings and custom homes inspire an appreciation of the natural beauty of Southern California rarely glimpsed in our high density county. Largely unchanged since the 1930s, members of the club have always seen protecting Malibou Lake’s wild, rustic appearance as a duty to future residents.
Malibou Lake Mountain Club
Some of the special trees you may see here are Gooding’s Black Willows, Coast Live Oaks, and Black Cottonwoods, California Sycamores and California Live Oaks. Among the many birds that call our little haven home are Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Green Herons, Snowy Egrets, Mallards, Buffleheads, Coots, Ruddy Ducks, Cormorants and Osprey. If you’re here in the evening you may notice our Great Horned Owls on the prowl, you may hear a chorus of frogs and crickets! 

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Free Dirt!
are long time advocates of the parks that surround the community and the stewardship practices that support local ecology, such as restoration gardens of native and riparian plants that support wildlife and the shorelines- you’ll see reeds and wild growth, providing shade for the fish and food for the birds. 

We are proactive about the health of our land and the animals that call it home, to cite a recent example, in 2012 we passed an institutional ban on anticoagulant poison, before neighboring communities. We strive to continue the practices used in the parks surrounding us - and as a reward, Malibou Lake looks similar now to how it looked in the 1930s! 
Members of Malibou Lake
Our water is tested regularly by a volunteer group in cooperation with Heal The Bay and all of our water management practices are regulated by the EPA, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, and some projects even involve the Army Corps of Engineers. 

At certain times of year you may notice a greenish color in the lake. It’s natural algae. Our tiny historic community is constantly managing the algae that thrives in our condition due to runoff from upstream development and fertilizers. 

The odd looking boat sometimes seen in our lake is a dredge. We are often undertaking a government regulated process of silt removal to manage the damage from undeterred runoff from upstream development (and footing the sizable bill). 
Lake water quality