Malibu Creek State Park, adjacent to Malibou Lake 
of stunning state and national parkland surrounds Malibou Lake. We're the only residential community in the Los Angeles area with that special standing. The founders of our club exhibited great prescience when 50 years later, our bucolic community would come to be embraced by vast protected acreage that in a sense extends the beauty of our neighborhood far beyond its borders.
Over 5,000 acres
Oftentimes referred to as "The Yosemite of Southern California"​, the 8,000 acres that comprise this natural wonder make it L.A.'s most spectacular park. Not many people realize that the Malibu Creek waterway is primarily sourced by Malibou Lake and starts just below our dam. This gorgeous park was once the location shooting ranch of 20th Century Fox. Among the famous films shot in part here are the original "Planet of the Apes", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", the first "Dr. Dolittle" and the TV's legendary "M*A*S*H".
Malibu Creek State Park
The second former movie ranch in our neighborhood hosted film making from 1927 to 194X where scores of Hollywood's biggest stars shot scenes.​ The pioneering spirit of filmmaking was in full bloom as many of the early features shot here were black and white silent films. The pioneers returned in the 1990s when the ranch's western town was transformed into 1880's Colorado Springs for television's "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". In between those two eras, a full-size race track was built (and partially remains) that thrilled 1950's motorsports fans.
Paramount Ranch
Located the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, this former private home of the razor baron consists of 588 acres that includes the historic Chumash village of Talepop and was later the weekend residence of esteemed MGM director Clarence Brown. The Ranch supports many sensitive wildlife and plant species. The rolling lawns and man-made pond offer a beautiful setting for picnics. Public education programs, including weekly campfires in the summer, are offered by park staff.
King Gillette Ranch
With 21 miles of coastline, much of which is viewable as you travel along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Malibu has many beautiful beaches. With nearly three-dozen sandy stretches to choose from, Malibu is a beach-lovers dream. From the iconic Surfrider Beach, famous for world-class surfing and movies like “Gidget”, to the famous Zuma Beach, to the cave-like rocks and cliffs of El Matador State Beach, there are plenty of options.
Malibu Beaches